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We are attempting to list all of the places C 2/5 Cav occupied during its 6 1/2 years in Vietnam.  To be included in the list, the company must have actually been on the base (as opposed to the battalion headquarters being there), and there must have been some sort of semi-permanent structure or artillery pieces on the site, (as opposed to it being merely a place to land helicopters.)

This database is by no means complete.  As the history of the company grows, we will add to this database.  Please send additions and  corrections to  Listed alphabetically.

We are grateful to Michael P. Kelley and the locations of the bases found in his book "Where We Were in Vietnam."  It is an excellent reference, and recommended for any student of the war.

Name Times Location Comments
An Khe

1965 - 1968

BR 462-478
On east-west highway Route 19 on the eastern approaches to the Central Highlands
Binh Dinh Province
Ah Khe was also known as Camp Radcliff, and was the main division base camp from the time the 1st Cav landed in Vietnam in 1965 until it deployed south in the fall of 1968.
Anchor, LZ
Binh Dinh Province, Bong Song plains, just northwest of Dam Tra O.  Map
Andy, LZ/FSB
Northern III Corps, near Cambodian border, 12 km SE of Loc Ninh, and 12 km NNE of An Loc. Also known as Quan Loi Base Camp
Anna, FSB
June 1970
XU 682522
Barbara, LZ
January-February, 1970
Tay Ninh Province
Map (Large file)
Camlot, FSB Built June 6, 1970 Cambodia
Carol, LZ
Aug 1968
Thua Thien Province, I Corps, due west of Hue at north end of the A Shau Valley Later named FSB Carroll.  Became famous in 1970 as FSB Ripcord and the 101st Airborne Division
Drinnon, FSB

Spring 1972

General area of FSB Gibraltar

Named after SGT Bedford Drinnon, the last KIA suffered by C 2/5 Cav.  Was small, with two tubes of 105 artillery, 2 81mm mortar tubes, and secured by one platoon of infantry.
English, LZ
Binh Dinh Province, Bong Son plains, on Route 1, north of the town of Bong Son.  Map Large brigade-sized  base, with an air strip suitable for C-130 aircraft.  Originally named LZ Dog.
Evelyn, FSB
Circa May, June, July 1971
Long Khanh Province, III Corps
Fatima, LZ
January 1967
Exact location unknown
Near Cambodian border in II Corps
Information from Don Markham
Granite, FSB (or FSB Ft. Granite)
Circa July 1970

XU 929082
Phuoc Long Province
Located on the Song Be, east of Loc Ninh

Furr, FSB
 Circa June 1971
General vicinty of FSB Mace in Long Khanh Province, near Xuan Loc, III Corps
Gibraltar, FSB

Spring 1972

30 kilometers NE of Bien Hoa Air Base, III Corps
This was the last FSB occupied by 2/5 Cav.  It was turned over to 1/12th Cav on March 15, 1972, after which the battalion flew to Bien Hoa and was disbanded.
Gonder, FSB June 1970 XU 807 383
Hammond, LZ
BR 888570
On Route I in southern Binh Dinh Province Map
Hardcore, LZ
Circa October 1968.
Quang Tri Province, I Corps
At this base while OPCON to 3rd Squadron 5th cavalry (an armored unit) 
Ike, LZ and FSB

April 1969 - February 1970

Tay Ninh Province, War Zone C
III Corps  Map  (Large file)

Built on April 20, 1969 by C 2/5 Cav, it was hit at least three times by a major attack.  It was closed off and on, and used by other 1st Cav battalions.  Last record is made in February 1970.  Name was changed to FSB Ike when the entire 1st Cav Division was forced to change the names of all bases from LZ to FSB by the new CG of II Field Forces, LTG Ewell, who came from the 9th Infantry Division
Ingalls, FSB
October 1970
YT 739302
Long Khanh Province, 34 km NE of Xuan Loc
Built on or about October 8-10, abandoned November 1, 1970
Jake, LZ/FSB

February 1969

XT62280910 km due south of the tip of The Fishhook, 16 km SW of An Loc. near a small river.  Map  (Large file)
Jamie, LZ

April-May 1970

XT 482715
35 km NE of Tay Ninh, on Route 244
Map  (Large File)
C 2/5 located on Jamie as jumping-off point into Cambodia

Jane, LZ

May, 1968

Northern Thua Thien Province (some sources say it was in southern Quang Tri Province  
There were multiple LZ Janes

Jess, LZ

March 1969

Tay Ninh Province, War Zone C
III Corps
Built on March 29, 1969 after a bad fire fight.

Lauffer, FSB

Circa July, 1970

Western III Corps, vicinity Song Be

Small base with 3 tubes of 105 artillery, and 2 81mm mortars
Named for PFC Billy Lauffer of C 2/5 Cav, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in September, 1966.
Mace, FSB

Late 1971-January 1972

YT 595080
Long Khanh Province, III Corps
15 kilometers due east of Xuan Loc

Originally built by the 199th Light Infantry Brigade, it was turned over to the 1st Cav when the 199th departed in September 1970.  Built at the foot of Nui Chau Chan, a small mountain with a signal unit on top, but with enemy spotters on the mountain itself.  It was a large base and built to be permanent.
Mary, LZ

July - September, 1969

YT 265 999
In the Song Be area, Phuoc Long Province
III Corps
Maureen, LZ
Circa August 1968
Thua Thien Province
I Corps
Nancy, LZ
Circa October 1968
Quang Tri Province, I Corps
 Before divisional move south the III Corps
Oasis, The

Fall 1965 - Fall 1966

ZA 114 275
25 kilometers south of Pleiku and near the Catecka Tea Plantation
The Oasis was a major staging area built originally for the Pleiku campaign in 1965, but used again in the spring of 1966 for other operations in the Central highlands.  The last known time C 2/5 was at The Oasis was December, 1966
Odessa, LZ

Late 1968

XT 063 754
Near Katum, Tay Ninh Province
III Corps  Map (Large file)
Ollie, LZ
Peggy, FSB

December 1970 - February 1971

YT 860 330
Near Tan Linh
Binh Tuy Province, III Corps
Phuoc Vinh Base Camp

Occupied Nov 1968

2/5 Cav was "Palace Guard" late fall 1969, and again spring 1970

II Corps

Phuoc Vinh had been a major base of the 1st Infantry Division prior to the 1st Cav moving in during November 1968.  It became the division forward base until the 1st Cav left VN in the spring of 1971, leaving the 3rd Brigade (Sep), which operated out of Bien Hoa


Quan Loi Base Camp
(See LZ Andy)
Ready, FSB

Built May 14, 1970 by D 2/5 Cav, closed June 8, 1970
D 2/5 Cav. CA'd into the LZ on 13 May (miserable rainy/foggy day). On 14 May, at first light,  was probed by NVA forces. The berm was incomplete at about 18 inches of height. 18 NVA were killed and 1 US wounded.  
Rita, LZ

January 28 - February 1969
February 21 - February 25. 1969
XT 499 804
12 kilometers south of the Cambodian border, southwest of An Loc and Quan Loi, built across Rt. 244
Sandra, FSB

Spring 1971

ZT 096 195
Binh Tuy Province, III Corps
Silver, FSB

September - October 1970

YT 829-043
Binh Tuy Province
35 kilometers SE of Xuan Loc.
Originally built by the 199th Light Infantry Brigade, and closed when the 199th was sent home and deactivated.  2/5 Cav reopened it in September 1970
Sue, LZ

December 1968

XT 918 956
15 kilometers NE of An Loc
Extreme right side of Map  (Very large file)
Stud, LZ
April 1968
Northern I Corps, east of Khe Sanh Combat Base - Map
Terri, LZ
(AKA Terry)

26 February through 28 March, 1969

XT 421168
Hau Nghia Province
Angel's Wing area very near Cambodian border
Uplift, LZ 1966-67 Binh Dinh Province, Bong Song Plains, directly on Route 1
Wade, FSB

June-July 1970

Binh Long province in general vicinity of Loc Ninh, Song Be, and Quan Loi - near the Fish Hook in III Corps.
Wishart, FSB

Fall 1971

Exact location unknown, but in vicinity of FSB Mace in Long Khanh Province

From what little information is available about FSB Wishart, it seems to have been a small firebase an part of the protective ring around the Long Binh/Bien Hoa/Saigon complex late in the war.

Named for LTC Leonard P. Wishart III who had the unusual opportunity to serve with 2/5 Cav on two tours.  The first was in 1967 as the Battalion Operations Officer (S3), and the second was as the Commanding Officer from August 1970 to early 1971.

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