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Hint: If you are searching for a person, and you don't remember the name, try searching for something you remember, such as rank, hometown, LZ you might have been on,  month and year, etc.  For instance, try searching for Bong Son, or LZ Ike, or Operation Pegasus.



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In Memoriam
 Dedicated to our C 2/5 Cav comrades-in-arms who never heard the words "Welcome Home."

Find names and current email addresses of buddies from C 2/5 Cav

Things, Bits, and Pieces
Pictures of how we lived every day, items we used, and memorabilia

LZs, FSBs, and Base Areas
A database of all the places C 2/5 Cav was located

A list of the Company Commanders

A list of the medics who served with C 2/5 Cav.  Page maintained by Jerry "Doc" Watson.

1st Cavalry Division and Vietnam War sites

Research Material
A listing of the material in the webmaster's library used in constructing the history of C 2/5 Cav.  This includes Morning Reports, S3 Journals, After Action Reports, Operations Reports, and other data.

Videos and sound files available on the site.

Company Rosters
A small library of rosters from the Vietnam era.

A list of books that either specifically  mention C 2/5 Cav, or are about the 1st Cavalry Division.  Some are out of print, but available through www.bibliofind.com.  One is unpublished, but available here for free.

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Updated August 26, 2006