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Company C, 2nd Battalion 5th Cavalry
3rd Brigade (Separate) 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)

January 3, 2002, Elk City, Oklahoma


January 3rd, 2002, marked the 30th anniversary of the death of SGT Bedford Drinnon, the last KIA suffered by Charlie Company in Vietnam.  Four members of the company from that era traveled to Elk City, Oklahoma, and joined with family and friends to commemorate his life.  

Clockwise starting upper right:

One of the three headstones erected at the Red Hill Cemetery in Bedford's honor.

From left to right:  Bill "Murph" Murphy, who was a Sergeant Squad Leader with 1st Platoon; John McCorkle, then a 1LT and the 1st Platoon Leader;  David "Drops" Sprinkle, then a Sergeant, normally assigned as the "Field Log Penny" but volunteered to go out with the patrol that day because there were many new soldiers, and Dolf Carlson, then a Captain, and the Company Commander.  In front is Mrs. Myrtle Drinnon, Bedford's mother.

Recalling old skills, long forgotten, John, Drops, and Murph render military honors for a fallen comrade.

In the name of all who served with C 2/5 Cav, Dolf Carlson placed flowers by the headstone.


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The 1st Cavalry Division took a lot of pride in taking care of its own.  There was an emphasis on contacting the family of our KIA with a letter of condolence.  That was the sad duty of CPT Carlson.  Mrs. Drinnon provided this copy of her letter.  (Caution:  Large file)

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The community had strong feelings about SGT Drinnon's death.  This piece was written by one of Bedford's teachers.  

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Updated January 06, 2002