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Atlanta was the site of the first Tall Comanche Reunion.  There were 54 in attendance, most having served with C 2/5 Cav in the 1968-1970 era.  Please send your pictures, remembrances, and thoughts to the Webmaster.

Fourth Row from the left:  Ken Burington, Dan Medling, Don Jensen, James Holcombe,Frank Krawiec, Larry Hood, Richard Bovie, Rudy Cariaga, Dan Hooks, Donnie Bulloch, Roberto Riojas, Wally Hatfield

Third  Row:  Harvey Claypool, Kenneth Tatham, Philip Boatner, Alphonso Peoples,  John Richmond, Larry Bradshaw, Mike Hayes, Brian Phipps, James Menicucci.

Second Row: James Belair, Richard Soloway, James Machin, Lonny Branch, Bob Brace, Mike Coursey, Douglas Young, Larry Lane, John Misback, Joe Roudebush, Dennis Guild, Ken Gardiner, John Thunder.

Front Row: Vernon Whitehead, John Taylor, Eddie Hancock, Russ Griffith, David Resendez, Lee McGay, Eric Newman, Gaylord Russell, Dan Koening, Dennis Duran, Russ Chaney, Phillip Weber, Joel Harvey, Bob Hutton

Not pictured: Steve Wright, Danny Henson, Tommy Powell.


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During the dinner on the last night of the reunion, Richard "Doc" Bovie (1968-69), Ken Gardiner (1969-70), and Harvey Claypool (1968-69). 

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Courtesy  Doug Young

During the reunion, Doug Young wrote some personal note notes on his laptop.  After returning home, he kept thinking about the impact the reunion had had on him.  Here are his remembrances.

Eddie Hancock (1969-70) with Mrs. Mike Coursey, Mrs. Dennis Doran, Mrs Larry Hood, and Mrs Vernon Whitehead.

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Courtesy Eddie Hancock

Updated December 25, 2000