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You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to download these chapters.  It is recommended you print out each chapter and put it in a three ring binder.  This is a book, and it is best read as a book, not on a computer screen.


Chapter One - A Grotesque Monster

Chapter Two - Stuck in Limbo:  Ft. Lewis, Washington

Chapter Three - Greetings:  Fairfield, Connecticut,  October 1967

Chapter Four - Reflections on an Empty Building

Chapter Five - Some Reception!  Ft. Dix, New Jersey, November, 1967

Chapter Six - The Loony Bin

Chapter Seven - Lessons in the Freezer

Chapter Eight - A Hard Man - A Harder Lesson

Chapter Nine - The Silver Tiger

Chapter Ten - The Kitchen is Full

Chapter Eleven - A.I.T.:  Ft. Jackson, SC, January, 1968

Chapter Twelve - An Hour in Paradise

Chapter Thirteen - A Race with the Sun

Chapter Fourteen - Pretty Pink - Cam Rahn Bay, Vietnam, April 1968

Chapter Fifteen - New Blood

Chapter Sixteen - Boom-Boom!

Chapter Seventeen - Giant Chain Saw

Chapter Eighteen - Rappelling

Chapter Nineteen - China Mountain's Backside

Chapter Twenty - Welcome to Vietnam!

Chapter Twenty One - Some Old Friends

Chapter Twenty Two - Frags

Chapter Twenty Three - My First LP

Chapter Twenty Four - Charlie Alpha

Chapter Twenty Five - A Heartbreaker

Chapter Twenty Six - Butch Cassidy

Chapter Twenty Seven - No Umbrellas Here

Chapter Twenty Eight - Comic Relief

Chapter Twenty Nine - Hardcore

Chapter Thirty - Back to "Churchville"

Chapter Thirty One - Medevaced

Chapter Thirty Two - Perry Mason and Blue Eyes

Chapter Thirty Three - Almost Japan

Chapter Thirty Four - An American-Korean Battle

Chapter Thirty Five - Jaws Too?!

Chapter Thirty Six - An Incredible Revelation

Chapter Thirty Seven - Pound Cake and C4

Chapter Thirty Eight - Walking a Bowl's Edge

Chapter Thirty Nine - NVA R&R

Chapter Forty - A Night Charlie Alpha

Chapter Forty One - A Horse They Couldn't Ride

Chapter Forty Two - Daddy-Longlegs

Chapter Forty Three - The Gypsies

Chapter Forty Four - A Walk Into Hell

Chapter Forty Five - The Hill

Chapter Forty Six - California Dreaming

Chapter Forty Seven - "Short Round"

Chapter Forty Eight - The A Shau Valley

Chapter Forty Nine - NVA Against the Moon

Chapter Fifty - Shootout at the Crossroads

Chapter Fifty One - Typhoon

Chapter Fifty Two - A Case of Mistaken Identity

Chapter Fifty Three - Food Poisoning

Chapter Fifty Four - Ghost Warriors

Chapter Fifty Five - The Bee Ambush

Chapter Fifty Six - Surrounded in the Dark

Chapter Fifty Seven - The French Compound

Chapter Fifty Eight - Someone Worth Fighting For

Chapter Fifty Nine - A Really Unfriendly Welcome

Chapter Sixty - Dragon Ship

Chapter Sixty One - A Personal Apology

Chapter Sixty Two - Mortared in the Open

Chapter Sixty Three - A Most Embarrassing Experience

Chapter Sixty Four - The Song Sai Gon

Chapter Sixty Five - A Horrible Accident

Chapter Sixty Six - An ARVN Lesson

Chapter Sixty Seven - On the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Chapter Sixty Eight - A Booby Trap of Our Own

Chapter Sixty Nine - A Tet to Remember

Chapter Seventy - Rita Overrun

Chapter Seventy One - A Final Deadly Ambush

Chapter Seventy Two - A Lifetime Over

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Updated November 07, 2004