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Summary 1966

The company performed its duties into three main locations: Camp Radcliff (An Khe), in eastern Binh Dinh Province (both in the mountains and plains), and in the Central Highlands, in and around Pleiku.  According to the Unit History (written in early 1967), C 2/5 Cav suffered 13 KIA, but our records indicate 15.  Eighteen members of the company were treated for malaria.

At Camp Radcliff, January saw the company still living in tents, with poor latrine and shower facilities.  But, by mid-year, permanent latrines had been constructed.  December saw concrete pads had been poured, with prefabricated billets being built.

In the Bong Son area, the company took part in Operation White Wing, and worked out of LZ English, LZ Two Bits, and in areas such as the Kim Son Valley.

While in the Central Highlands, names such as Oasis, Kontum, and the Turkey Farm were part of the company's lexicon. (Sources:  "Annual Historical Report Calendar Year 1966 2nd Battalion 5th Cavalry Operations in the Republic Of Vietnam" and various Daily G3 Logs, 1st Cavalry Division)

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