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Summary 1969

The 1st Cavalry Division's mission in 1969 was to interdict enemy supplies and soldiers as they crossed into South Vietnam from Cambodia using the Ho Chi Minh Trail.  For Comanche, that meant moving around the western side of III Corps, usually near the Cambodian border.  Comanche began near Quan Loi near the Parrot's Beak area, then moved into Tay Ninh Province. The company even operated in IV Corps, making it one of the 1st Cav units that had operated in all four corps areas of South Vietnam.   Names such as LZ Jesse, LZ Ike, LZ Rita, Quan Loi, Tay Ninh Base Camp, and Phouc Vinh became part of our vocabulary.



This helicopter pilot's map shows many of the LZs used by the 1st Cav in War Zone C.

Map_Tay_Ninh_Assembled_from_Watson.jpg (2670625 bytes)

Map Contributed by Charlie Dickey, and Web-Preparation by Jerry "Doc" Watson

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