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Summary - August 1966

The 2/5 Cav is involved in Operation Paul Revere II, back in the LZ X-Ray/ Chu Pong Massif area where such fierce battles were fought in November 1965.  

August 13 - 16

On 13 August,  Company B,  2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry , was operating in the area west of LZ X-Ray about 5 kilometers from the Cambodian border, when they made contact with a undetermined number of VC on Hill 532.   In heavy contact, on August 15th,  they lost their Company Commander, CPT William Taylor, the 1st Sergeant, 1SG William Hawsley and his RTO, SP4 Calley Green, along with others.  Contact remained heavy and B Company was unable to move.  On August 16, C 2/5 moved into the area to relieve the pressure. 

Map_15_Aug_1966.JPG.jpg (51654 bytes)
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Courtesy Ed Walsh

(This was submitted via email to the Webmaster by  Ed Walsh, Platoon Sergeant, 2nd Platoon, Company B, 2/5 Cav.  He would like to thank the troopers of C 2/5 Cav for helping out that day.)

Updated September 09, 2006