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Summary 1970

This was a year of transition.  The early part of the year found the company still engaged in the War Zone C, west of Saigon, and close to the border with Cambodia.  Then  came the incursion into Cambodia - May and June were spent there.  But, by late 1970, the withdrawal of American forces was well underway.  As the 1st Infantry Division and the 199th Light Infantry Brigade left country, the 1st Cavalry Division moved closer to the Saigon/Long Bing/Bien Hoa area to provide security and protection to the big bases.  Company C now roamed Binh Tuy and Long Khanh Provinces to the north and east of Saigon.  Contact became less frequent and South Vietnamese units were expected to carry a bigger part of the load.  That meant fewer casualties - Charlie Company lost no troopers in 1970 after returning from Cambodia.

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