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Summary January 1969

To be written

January 28

SGT Mel "Goat" Wilkison and SGT Gary Walker waiting for their flight out of Cam Ranh Bay on the way to R&R in Taipei, Taiwan.  Six wonderful days and nights of pampered bliss with flushing facilities and daily hot showers!

We don't see many pictures of any of us in khakis and bloused boots.   (Source:  Mel Wilkison)

Comanche_Wilkison_Walber_Cam_Ranh_Jan_69.jpg (20844 bytes)
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Courtesy Mel Wilkison

January - Exact Date Unknown

Luke Morgan of 2/6, 2nd Squad, on the "Tour de Cu Chi."  The guys in the squad "borrowed" the bike and Luke broke it, and he felt bad about it. 


Comanche_Luke_Morgan_Bike_Riding_Cu_Chi_69.jpg (23515 bytes)
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Courtesy James Machin

Updated February 15, 2007