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Summary May 1971

To be Written

May 1

One of C 2/5 Cav's troopers was an extremely talented artist.  Dated May 1, 1971, this sketch of Commanding Officer CPT Vic Aliffi awaiting the read-out of a Pink Team recon is well done.  Dolf Carlson found these (and another sketch on the August 1971 page) in his souvenirs.  He wrote in his email:

I think they are very good, and as the years have gone on, I think that they are even better.  It would be interesting to find out what happened to the SkyTrooper who did them.


Comanche_Aliffi_Sketch_May_1971_from_Dolf_Carlson.jpg (34507 bytes)

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Courtesy Dolf Carlson

The detail of this drawing is superb - titled "A Light to Fight", and dated May 26th, it depicts the small amount of gear a trooper would carry into a firefight.  (Note:  His sketch titled "Heavy to Hump" is shown on the August 1971 page.)

Anyone knowing the identity of the artist, please notify the Webmaster.

Comanche_Sketch_Light_to_Fight_1971_from_Dolf_Carlson.jpg (20931 bytes)

James Marshall contributed this photo of a medic, pad and pencil in hand, who may have been the artist.  The photo was taken at Xuan Loc sometime in 1970.  If you can identify this medic, please contact

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